Who is it for?

This programme is for lawyers and other professional advisers, coaches or consultants who want to increase their client base and get more fee income in the next 90 days.

The Clients and Income Accelerator Programme is you if:

  • You wish you had more clients but whenever you do some marketing, it seems like it costs too much for the results you get
  • You want to put an end to hearing the words “I can’t afford it” or “that’s too expensive” when you tell prospective clients about your fees
  • You know you need to get better at turning more prospective clients into paying clients, but you want practical advice, not theory and textbooks
  • You want to get more instructions or work from your existing clients, so you can have a more profitable practice without feeling like you’re always on the ‘client generation treadmill’
  • You want to be more productive and use your time more effectively so you can have more clients and more income without working more hours!

“I was attracted by Michelle’s experience and understanding of the commercial legal services market...In the first 6 months of this year, enquiries have increased by 30% and the percentage of those enquiries becoming clients has increased by 36%”

App Law Solicitors

How Does It Work?

In this programme we will focus on installing and optimising key parts of the 3 Essential Elements of a Profitable Practice:

  • Attract more enquiries from your ideal clients
  • Convert more enquiries into paying clients
  • Maximise your profits from existing clients

The Clients and Income Accelerator Programme consists of 3 core elements to help you achieve this result:

  • Strategic Planning (‘What’ you need to do)
  • Skills and Tactics Training (‘How’ to do it)
  • Support and Accountability (making sure you get it ‘done’).

When you combine these three elements you get Focus, Progress, and Action – and ultimately more profits.

“In a nutshell the whole course is extremely valuable – like a revelation, as if one has been working in a perpetual fog all these years and now it has cleared to reveal crystal clear scenery. Every client meeting that we have had since/ during the course has converted!”

Rachael Ward Ltd Trade Mark Attorneys

What’s Included In My Programme?

The Client and Income Accelerator Programme consists of:

  • Strategic Planning and Skills Training on each of the Client and Income Accelerator Topics are provided through training videos with workbooks, templates and checklists to make implementation quick and easy.

Introductory moduleThe Clients and Income Accelerator Plan
How to identify and analyse the key elements your practice or business needs in order to have more clients and more income in the next 90 days
Module 1The Income Booster
How to get more fee income and cash in next 30 days
Module 2The Client Magnet
How to attract more of your ideal clients using Education-Based Marketing
Module 3The Marketing Accelerator: How to generate an extra 5-10 new enquiries per month from your ideal clients
Module 4The Client Assessment Call
How to screen out time wasters and ‘warm up’ ideal clients
Module 5The Consultations That Convert System
How to Convert 80%+ of Enquiries by Diagnosing Impact and Prescribing Value
Bonus No.1The Time Maximiser
How to get more done in less time so you can work with more clients without working more hours
Bonus No. 2The Profit Formula
How to double your profits without working more hours

Each training module will be accompanied by workbooks for you to work through in real time, so you can start implementing the strategies as you are watching the module and so that you finish each module with a specific action plan to put the strategy into practice.

"I now feel I have the knowledge and marketing materials and strategies I need to help me attract more clients.”

AJA Legal Ltd

  • Implementation Review and Advice Sessions (online)

    Twice a month you can join me for an online Implementation Review and Advice Session. This is your chance to request feedback on your implementation of the strategies, ask for advice on how to implement the strategies into your specific practice or business, share your successes so far, and ask any questions about anything covered in the training modules.  The more questions you ask, the more we can help you to get great results.

Within 6 months of joining the programme, our business achieved a 20% increase in fee income by implementing small changes to our existing systems. These changes were simple to do once Michelle helped us identify what we needed to do and gave us the step-by-step of how to do it. Within the same period an email marketing campaign generated an additional £12k in income by sending just one email to 20 of our previous clients.”

Gina Savanhu
Immigration Lawyer and Owner of Globetrot Consultancy

  • Support and Accountability between the Implementation Review and Advice Sessions through our private Facebook group

    During each of the online sessions you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice and feedback on your specific implementation plans.

    There will also be a private Facebook group where you can post questions or requests for feedback between the online seminars.

“Michelle is a first class business strategist, very result oriented, keeps you up to the mark and has improved my ratio of time spent on chargeable work by at least 50%”

The Brooke Consultancy LLP


This programme is for lawyers and other professionals who want to add £20,000-£50,000 to their income in the next 12 months and who want to be able to sustain and then increase that growth in the following years by building on the foundations they have laid during this programme.

The investment is 3 monthly payments of £795+VAT or a reduced single payment of £1995+VAT at the start of the programme.

Note: if you are outside the UK, please email to request an invoice prior to payment so that we can send you the correct VAT invoice for your country


£795 + VAT

(Per Month)

£1,995 + VAT


My Personal 30 Day ‘Love It or
Leave It’ Guarantee

“I’m confident that when you enrol in this programme and implement the strategies I’ll be showing you, you will get more of your ideal clients and increase your profits. But I want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to work with me. If at any time during the first 30 days of the programme you are not completely confident that it will enable you to achieve the results you are looking for, simply let me know and I'll give you a 100% refund of what you've paid.

“I signed up for the ‘Clients and Income Accelerator Programme’ to help with attracting new enquiries and converting them into clients at the right fee. The online sessions were extremely helpful in explaining the theory and methods, and I was then able to create my own materials to put these into practice; I received individual feedback from Michelle on how to finalise and improve them. Perhaps the most valuable benefit for me has been the feeling that I am now building up my practice according to a definite strategy rather than relying on learning by trial and error.”

Barrister, 4 New Square


£795 + VAT

(Per Month)

£1,995 + VAT